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Hi Everyone, i do remember last week i posted my first post and well this is my second post.In my previous post i said that expect posts to do with style, beauty, food, travels,storytelling and any other topic, so let me just generalize that into lifestyle kinda posts.

Today is on a Tuesday, and its style Tuesday. As am typing this down it is 4.30pm, so yap am little bit late but this post still has to go up.

Let me say a few things or in other words, let me write down a few things about my background.  I am from the coastal side of Kenya, that is Mombasa, born and raised. In the coastal side of Kenya, the Swahili culture is well known and practiced, and coz this is my  first fashion/style post, its just fit for us to have a chat about the DERA dress.

  Well i for one love,love,love deras. They are the most comfortable dresses i may say one can wear. Walking down the streets you will always find numerous ladies rocking on a dera and tights underneath the dera, coz they are transparent i can assure  you its advisable to wear tights underneath that is if you don’t want to expose yourself.

There is sort of a norm dress code with the ladies here in Mombasa, and that is the dera dresses, the lessos{sort of a large scarf} and the mtandio{Normal sized scarf}.I kid you not you will always find someone either wearing the dera or covering up with a leso or having a mtandio{normal sized scarf} either on the shoulders or as a head scarf, whether in church or down the streets, and may i say they are easily accessible and affordable.

I wear deras when am chilling at home, either on those days that am spending my day at home, or the days that i was out of house during the day, when i do arrive at home i freshen up and chill in a dera.

There those who prefer wearing it as an outfit when out of the house complimenting it with the maasai sandals, but for me i prefer it when am chilling at home.

What do you guys wear when chilling at home? is it t-shirt and jeans, is it sweat pants, is it over-sized t-shirts and shorts?

OUTFIT: from Marikiti market{Mombasa}

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