Hi everyone, my name is Agatha, an ordinary Kenyan girl. I know the first question one would ask is, what is this blog about? Well, am just starting out and all I know is that, I am always intrigued with make-up, the power to enhance or change one’s natural beauty, we are humans after all, always trying to hide and cover up our imperfections and insecurities just to boost our confidence. Always fascinated about travels what it’s like to be in a completely new surroundings, being out of your comfort zone, opening yourself to experience other people’s culture.  Having the curiosity of trying out other people’s dishes, the flavor, the texture, the taste when it’s savory, or sweet, or spicy or even smoky.

Always amazed in fashion as a way of expressing yourself, when you feeling sporty,classy, stylish,sexy or even professional when you have office work

So yep, expect posts to do with style, beauty, travels, and also story telling. Let me just say I will just go with the flow and see where it takes me.




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