Hi Everyone, i think am the last one to say happy new year coz it’s already the month of Feb, but all in all i am hopping you have had a good start with this year 2019.

I haven’t posted for a while, but am back. I was just trying to figure out what this year’s goals will be, and what i want to achieve this year. This year i dont have “new year resolutions” I have just written the goals down and then broken them down to a daily activities goal, what should i be doing or focusing today to tick my day to day checklist.

I am still figuring out what this blog will be about,  so i guess i will be taking it a day at a time.

How is this year to you so far?  first month is gone we are in the second month.

Did you achieve all of your last year’s goals?

What are your 2019 goals? is it weight loss?  is it career related?



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