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Hi everyone, it is Monday the first day of the week. The weekend is over and it’s back to busy life day to day activities. If I could have it my way my week would start on Tuesday.

Am usually not a morning person neither is Monday my favourite day of the week, hope am not the only person that feels this way. So as a way to brighten up and kick start your week, what do you do, to keep you in a positive productive vibe?

Is it a cup of coffee to start your day, or do you listen to motivation video clips, or it listening to music, or is it going all out dressed up, your hair is done, your make up done, your outfit is iron pressed. Or do you work out, or are you one those who do nothing specific your just like hey, you know what God, just take the will let me have a productive week.

Either way a bright outfit at the beginning of the week never dampens your mood.



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