Hi Everyone,and yes i know last week i didn’t post. I didn’t know being consistent would turn out to be a little tricky let me just say life happened and it was raining like crazy last week. So today is a sunny Wednesday actually extra sunny, mmmh humid dripping sweat kinda sunny. Coz last week… Read More COMFY SWEAT PANTS

Style and Beauty


Hi Everyone, it’s on a Wednesday as i write these down. I hope you guys are having a good week so far. This post was actually supposed to go up yesterday but what i didn’t know is that, its not an ideal time to take pictures at past eleven coz the sun is scorching hot,… Read More ANKARA STYLE



Hi everyone, my name is Agatha, an ordinary Kenyan girl. I know the first question one would ask is, what is this blog about? Well, am just starting out and all I know is that, I am always intrigued with make-up, the power to enhance or change one’s natural beauty, we are humans after all,… Read More INTRO ……